Francisco Merello studies Design in Visual Communication at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Chile. In 1978 he travels to the USA where he works as Art Director of two important advertising companies. In 1982 he obtained a scholarship from the Italian government specializing in Conservation and Restoration of works of art at the International University of Art in Florence, Italy.
Since 1982 he has lived in Florence, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Santiago, working as an outstanding portrait artist and participating in collective and individual exhibitions in prestigious galleries in these countries.
In 1997 he opened a design agency called Dedato in Santiago, Chile, which operates internationally. From that date, also, is part of the group “Other Designers”. Francisco Merello lives and works currently in Spain.

1981 Galería Zurbarán Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jerry Wilson Gallery,Florida, United States of America
1984 Centro Cultural AxA Florence, Italy
1985 Centro Italo Brasiliano Milano, Italia
Ken’s Art Gallery Florence, Italy
1986 Centro Cultural L’Upupa Florence, Italy
1987 Galleria La Pigna Rome, Italy
Santa Bárbara Polo Club California, United States of America
1989 Israel Gallery Linka Amsterdam, Holland
Metz & Co Amsterdam, Holland
1992 Instituto Italiano di Cultura Amsterdam, Holland
1993 Homenaje a Neruda I. I. di C. Amsterdam, Holland
1994 Dedato Gallery Amsterdam, Holland
1995 Congreso Nacional. Valparaiso. Chile
Im Hause Jansen,Aachen
1996 Art Americas .Miami Beach.USA.
1998 World Trade Center.Santiago Chile
2000 Grabados de Colección. Borde Rio .Santiago.Chile.
2004 Club Maritimo.Sotogrande.Cadiz
Casa Decor2004. Madrid
2006 Banca Monte Paschi Belgio.Bruxelles
ELA Espacio Latinoamericano. Bruselas
2008 Alcaidesa Golf Resort.Cadiz.
2012 Espacio de Arte Cabrales.Mar del Plata
2013 Paisajes. Club Maritimo .Sotogrande